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THM OrderHere is a list of items I like to buy specifically from, and why. You may notice this list does not include every item in the THM store. That is because I have found, what I believe to be, equal items on Amazon (or in my local stores) for a better deal. You can see my list of items that I prefer to purchase from Amazon in my article THM Ingredients to Buy on Amazon. (If you are planning to use Amazon, I highly recommend getting a Prime membership so that you don’t have to pay shipping.)

Amazon haulBudget

If at all possible, I recommend you get a budget going for special ingredients. I like to save up and make a big order all at once from THM so that I only have to pay shipping once. I make an order from them about 2-4 times per year. (If you save just $35/ month you could make over a $100 order 4 times a year.) The great thing about having this money set aside is that you can watch for sales and make the most of your money when they come up unexpected.

If you are struggling with budgeting, Dave Ramsey is awesome. I definitely recommend Financial Peace University if you can afford it, and there is a class in your area. Look up for more information. Otherwise just get a book to start. It really is so helpful. They also have a budgeting app called EveryDollar, and the basic version is free. (I am not paid by Dave Ramsey to promote his merchandise.) Scott and I went through the class early (not soon enough!) in our marriage, and It has been such a blessing to us.

THM Shopping list

I believe I have the full prices listed on these items for your reference.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change. The prices listed are what I purchased the item for or what the price was when I looked it up for this post. I listed them to help give you a general idea of why I typically choose THM for these items.Stevia

  1. Pure Stevia 1 oz – $10.99, 4 oz – $37.99
    • This is the best and strongest stevia that I have ever tasted.
    • This tiny bag lasts quite a while.
    • Of course I always get the larger bag.
  2. Gentle Sweet 1 lb – $9.99, 3 lbs – $27.99Gentle Sweet
    • For baking purposes, I make my own, but I buy theirs for when I need powdered (for frosting and other stuff that is not heated). I know, coffee grinder, but that’s extra work and makes a sweetness cloud.
    • I also get the 3 lb bag because it is a better price by pound.
  3. Super Sweet 1 lb – $9.99, 3 lbs – $27.99Super Sweet
    • I get this for shakes. I know I could use Gentle sweet or make my own, but buying this is easier for me.
    • Again, I get the 3 lb bag because of the per pound price.
    • Packets – $9.99 I get these for my husband. I keep a handful in my purse for when we go out to eat so he can get unsweetened iced tea. (Or I buy the Kroger brand packets.)
  4. Baking Blend 1lb – $8.99, 3 lbs – $25.99Baking Blend
    • I typically make my own baking blend, but if you’re not into that definitely buy theirs. Also, get the 3 lb bag, you will want it.
  5. Baobab boost powder 11 oz – $13.99
    • If you want more bang for your buck, and you don’t mind getting 2- 4 lbs of this then I recommend getting it on Amazon.
  6. Glucomannan 1 lb – $18.99
    • This should last you a long time.
  7. Collagen 1 lb – $17.99, 3 lbs – $49.99Collagen & Gelatin
    • Every time I buy this I do a price check, and I haven’t found a better deal yet.
  8. Gelatin 1 lb – $15.99
    • Same for this, but I don’t have to buy it as often.
  9. MCT oil 32 oz – $19.99MCT
    • Amazon usually has one for a slightly better price, but if you are making a big THM order you might as well get it here.
    • THM’s has a nice glass bottle.
    • I do recommend buying a pump for it though because it drips down the side when you try to pour it.
  10. Oat Fiber 1 lb – $5.99
    • If you need certified gluten free, get this one. If you don’t you can get 5 lbs for $24.29 on Amazon.
  11. Whey – Plain 1 lb – $17.99, 3 lbs $49.99Plain Whey
    • I honestly haven’t really looked for a better priced one. I do not use plain whey very often. Pretty much just in my baking blend, and I use vanilla in most everything else.
  12. Sunflower Lecithin 1 lb – $17.99Sunflower Lecithin
    • This is the best price I have found for this, and the bag lasts a Very long time.
  13. Trim Healthy Mama Plan book – $14.99
  14. Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook – $17.99
  15. Extra: My mom got me this jar for my birthday. It is super tall, but it fits in my cup holder. It also came with one of those blender balls for shaking your drink.

THM jarIf you just want to purchase an item or two maybe check to see if a friend is making an order so you can share shipping costs. Another option is to price check to see if it is cheaper elsewhere after shipping.


I also made this list on maven with links. You can check that out here.

Starting the Plan?

If you are just looking into starting this plan but you are overwhelmed by which book(s) to buy, I would recommend buying the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook first. My reasons are that there are a few chapters in the beginning that are a quick start guide basically. Also, a large amount of the recipes do not require any special ingredients. I have posted some reviews of the recipes I have tried from this book that you can check out for more incentive to purchase.

Once you get the general idea (or you have read this and still don’t quite get it) then purchase the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book. This book goes more in depth about the WHY of the plan, and it explains the foods more. It even has some meal plans, and gets down to the numbers (if your into that sort of thing). 

At this time if you want more recipes get the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. There are many wonderful recipes in this cookbook including MIMs, muffin in a mug.

If you want even MORE then you can buy the original Trim Healthy Mama book. (I don’t have this book) My mother has this, and she occasionally uses recipes from here. I have heard that it is very unorganized, some what confusing, and it is pretty huge. I’m gonna say this book isn’t really necessary so don’t worry about it unless you have the plan DOWN and are hungry for more information.

You can read about my THM start Here, and I have a post with tips for starting that may interest you.

Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know if I missed anything, or if you’ve found an even better deal. Happy Shopping!

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