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Trim Healthy Table Cookbook


Trim Healthy Table Cookbook

Last night I pre-ordered Trim Healthy Table, Trim Healthy Mama’s new cookbook that is coming out September 12th I believe.

The Deal

Right now if you pre-order you will get a sneak preview of 6 recipes AND 1 month free subscription to the Trim Healthy Mama Membership site!

That is awesome! Even better the Price for Trim Healthy Table just dropped about $5. It’s now just under $20. I am so excited about this deal! I just want to make sure you all are able to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

What you need to do to get the deal:

Go to amazon and order your copy of Trim Healthy Table cookbook.

Then get your order confirmation number and go to this webpage.

Fill out the form click submit.

An auto-reply will pop-up. DO NOT close this window until you click download to save your book preview to your computer, AND copy your coupon code for your free month on the membership site.

my berrylicious thin thick thief (recipe from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook)
Have you pre-ordered yet?

What type of recipe are you hoping to see in this new cookbook? I am hoping for some E desserts (especially cookies).


My Cookbook arrived! Here is a link to some recipe reviews from my first day.

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