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Trim Healthy Table Cookbook Arrived

Day 1 Recipe ReviewsMy copy of Trim Healthy Table, the new cookbook from Trim Healthy Mama, arrived in the mail on Tuesday, September 12th. I was so excited that I sat on the curb and and started looking at all the recipes while I waited for my son’s school bus to arrive.

(Funny story about that…

There was a substitute bus driver, and she drove right past the stop. So I jumped up grabbed my mail and started running down the road after the bus. Flashbacks of chasing the bus in middle school running through my mind. Also keep in mind I am 21 weeks pregnant so running is not the most comfortable thing. She stopped about a block farther down the road. All the kids climb off the bus grumbling about how she missed the stop. Well… most of the kids. So I’m standing there waiting, and she’s apologizing to me about missing the stop.

I’m just thinking where is JD? Then she asks if my child got off. I say no, and she calls him on the intercom thing. No one moves. Then a little girl in the front row says he’s sleeping. I look past her to see him leaned up against the window, with his mouth wide open, totally out. The bus driver finally gets him up to move. He almost fell down the steps because he wasn’t fully awake. I ended up carrying him halfway home until he was awake enough to walk. Sheesh, I guess kindergarten is exhausting.)

General impression of the cookbook so far

Anyway, I am a little annoyed with how the cookbook is laid out. The single serve recipes are mixed in with the family serve. You can look up single serve meals (hangry meals) in the back, but as far as I can tell there is no way to look up the single desserts all in one place. Where are the MIMs?

It looks like most of the shakes have small and large size options. I am excited about this because I can try the small to see if I like it before I use all the ingredients to make the large.

I am so excited to start trying the new recipes, and have decided I should keep a log or journal of the recipes that I try here to let you know how they turned out. When I first started THM I watched a bunch of Nili’s recipe reviews on youtube. I found watching someone else make and try recipes gave me a better idea of whether or not I would enjoy that item. Even some of the ones she didn’t like I decided to try just because I got to see it in real life (sort of).

Day 1 Wednesday the 13th:


For breakfast I decided to make a shake (because there is no single serve breakfast section that I could find easily). Settling on the Frisky (p.472), I made this E style with just 1 tbsp cocoa powder and added 1 tbsp pressed peanut flour. I also used vanilla whey so I only used 1 ½ tsp super sweet. (the note says to reduce sweetener if using flavored whey) I also threw in ¼ tsp sunflower lecithin. This shake was really good. It definitely had banana flavor, but if I used the full 2 tbsp of cocoa powder I’m sure it would have been less. Also, the S version doesn’t have banana, and I plan to try it soon.Frisky Shake


For lunch I was HANGRY! I waited way too long about 4.5 hours. I was trying to finish up a blog post and the pictures just were not cooperating. Which had me snapping at everyone and on the edge of tears. My husband finally told me to take a break and kicked me out of the office.

I started looking through the cookbook for food that I could make fast. Each page I looked at made me more frustrated because I was just too hungry to think, and I needed to go grocery shopping. I had some leftover corn muffins (S) from my mom on the counter. So I heated one up, smeared it with butter, and scarfed it down. Ahh now I could think.. a little.

OK now I was in S mode, what else should I eat. I looked through the hangry meals section of the cookbook. Nothing really caught my attention except the WWBB pb&j (p.301), but I didn’t want to do the blender thing. I was still a bit Hangry so I ended up scrambling 2 eggs, egg whites, butter, and bacon crumbles with a bit of pepper.

After I finished eating that I flipped through the treats in the cookbook. (Seriously I was still hungry) I landed on the single serve Instant Cookie Dough Protein bar (p.428). At this point I had about 5 minutes until I needed to go to the bus stop to get JD. Since I was in a hurry I through all the ingredients in a ziplock bag and squished it together as best I could. I added about ½ tsp extra water to make it mix faster, and I didn’t care if it was messy because I was just going to eat it out of the bag. I ate this while walking to the bus stop. It was delicious. 

Instant Cookie Dough Protein Bar
but it was delicious 
Instant Cookie Dough Protein Bar
Sorry, this kinda looks gross,


About 2.5 hours later I was hungry again. (I’m pregnant give me a break.) Snack time I wanted something simple and easy. I decided to have the baby size Triple-Berry Power shake (p.475). First, I only had strawberries. Second, my cottage cheese had gone bad. So I just used extra protein powder. Third, I used vanilla protein powder instead of plain. This shake (even with my issues) tasted really good. It was a wonderful strawberry creamy treat.  Triple-Berry Power shakeTriple-Berry Power shakeTriple-Berry Power shake


For Dinner I had 2-3 lbs cooked ground beef in the fridge so I gave my husband three options that could use the beef. He picked the Easy Pizza Casserole (p.126).

Easy Pizza CasseroleYes, I made changes to this recipe as well… First, I only had 1 bag frozen riced cauliflower (which was fine because I don’t think Scott likes cauliflower). So because of that I only used ½ cup egg whites. (I probably should have left out one of the whole eggs as well.) Next, I only had mexican blend cheese. I used the ground beef rather than sausage meat, and I added one sliced up chicken sausage. I left out the rest of the veggies because if I add them the boys won’t eat it for sure (I have to blend up any red sauce so there are no tomato chunks also). Anyway there was already hidden veggies in the meat Shhh. At the end when you top it with the rest of the goodies and broil, I also threw on some bacon crumbles.

This was a very simple recipe, but it probably took about 50 minutes to an hour to make. It has to bake for 40 minutes then broil for a little longer. Also, while part of it is baking you are supposed to make the meat. My meat was precooked so I didn’t have to worry about that, but I did heat it in case the broiling didn’t heat it through. It turned out quite well. Scott had thirds, that’s a great sign. We agreed that it was good. Probably not once a week good, but maybe once a month.

Have you tried any recipes from this cookbook yet? Please let me know how you liked them, I would really love to know!

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