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Decision & First Month

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

After receiving the cookbook for Christmas I was not immediately excited to start the plan. First, I thought maybe I’d try some recipes here and there and see how I liked them. Unfortunately, every recipe that piqued my interest needed a “special ingredient”, and even the ones that supposedly did not require special ingredients called for something I did not possess. So either I was going to have to go shopping for ingredients that I may never use again or I would have a book that I would never use.

To the internet I went. I looked up prices on for their baking blend, sweeteners (pure Stevia, Super Sweet, and Gentle Sweet) and any other ingredient I thought I would need.

While I was on their website I clicked on the tab marked “TESTIMONIALS”. I read the truly thankful stories and looked at the pictures. Seeing the positive changes in people’s lives, right then I decided I would give this a try. I was going to GO for this. Although, I did have a bunch of special K cereal, and I could not waste it! OK I was going to go for it except for breakfast at least until I ran out of cereal.

My starting weight was 133.3 lbs. My goal was 120 lbs which was my weight just before I became pregnant with our first son.

January 1 2016

First Week

I thought I was prepared… I’ve watched my mother do this for a long time now. At least the basics, I thought I knew. S are fat meals, and E are carb meals, but what actually is a carb?? I had no idea. 

Deciding to stick with S for the first day to get a grasp on what that really meant, I think I ate spaghetti sauce over zoodles with chicken sausage for both meals that day.

Day 2

I decided to do E meals all day, but seriously WHAT IS A CARB?? I was under the impression that E meals were just salads all the time. You know carbs = vegetables… right? Lunch time I went to make a salad and realized my salad dressings were all full of fat. What was I going to eat? If this “diet” was going to make me eat dry veggies all the time this was NOT going to work.

I called my mom. After speaking with her I still wasn’t sure what exactly a carb was, but I understood fruits were great for Es. I’m pretty sure I starved that day. lol

That week I ended up calling my mom every meal sometimes more. I thought maybe if i just made meals out of the book I could get the hang of it by doing. Unfortunately there aren’t that many E meals in the book.

I bought some stevia at the grocery store to try some of the deserts or drinks. I could not stand it! So I went back to the THM store, and I ordered everything I thought I needed (most of the items in the store). I figured theirs MUST be good, and I didn’t want to waste all my money trying every other brand at the store.

Day 3

By the 3rd I realized I was going to have to buy the Plan Book I looked around for the best price and found it on Amazon. Unfortunately I wouldn’t get it for about 5 more days UGH!

Plan book

I continued alternating S day E day then 2 S days 1 E day. Although to tell the truth looking back most of my “E” meals were probably “FP” meals. I still had no understanding of what a carb was, and I assumed bread in any form was probably evil.

Week 2

My cereal ran out after about a week. It was a nice way to ease off sugar I think.

When I finally got my plan book I dove in. I read the whole book in less than a week. Everything suddenly clicked! The period of starvation was over HALLELUJAH!

When my food order arrived I was ecstatic! I went straight to making a drink. Eww NOOO. I was not ready for stevia yet! I decided to stick with regular food and leave the deserts for later.

So about 2 weeks in I tried stevia again (Super Sweet). This time I tolerated it, but I had to use only about ¼ what the recipe called for. This did not make things sweet enough, but it was better. Most of the drink/dessert recipes I tried at that time I did not like but my tolerance grew and eventually everything tasted great. I believe my body needed to completely detox processed sugar before it would let me enjoy alternative sweeteners.

My results:

Week 1 – 2.5 lbs, Week 2 – 1.5 lbs, Week 3 – 2.9 lbs, Week 4 – 1.4 By the end of the month I was down 7.9 lbs!

Learn my tips for starting here, and if you want to know my THM must haves check out that post also.

February 1, 2016

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. If you are on the THM plan I would love to hear your victories and how you quit sugar!

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