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Here is a list of items I like to buy specifically from, and why. You may notice this list does not include every item in the THM store. That is because I have found, what I believe to be, equal items on Amazon (or in my local stores) for a better deal. You can see… Continue reading Shopping List

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Recipe Reviews/ Beet Kvass Update

Sorry I haven’t posted any recipe reviews in a while. I just didn’t try any new recipes for a few days, I have been working hard on some crochet projects, and things just got away from me. Also, it’s time for me to update you on my Beet Kvass experiment. I have been trying new… Continue reading Recipe Reviews/ Beet Kvass Update

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Strawberry Kefir Shake Recipe & Recipe Reviews

September 18: Update on Hello Health Sipper: It had a bell pepper aftertaste even after brushing my teeth, and it kind of grossed me out going to bed with that flavor in my mouth. Therefore, I will not be drinking it before bed again. Breakfast: I wanted to have a nectarine. So to keep it… Continue reading Strawberry Kefir Shake Recipe & Recipe Reviews

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Peanut Brittle Recipe THM S

Are you afraid to try the new sipper? I was! I mean bell pepper in a drink! In general I don’t really care for bell peppers. Why would I want to drink one? Well, I made it this evening, and you can read all about it under Second Snack. September 17: Breakfast: This morning I… Continue reading Peanut Brittle Recipe THM S