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Pregnancy through December

This has been a crazy December. Starting the month out at 33 weeks pregnant, I have been dealing with Gestational Diabetes and an awful doctor, working on my side business, getting ready for baby, dealing with our house flood, and Holidays. December 1st, 33 weeks Picking up from my previous post, I continued to have… Continue reading Pregnancy through December

My Thoughts · THM Shopping List

Here is a list of items I like to buy specifically from, and why. You may notice this list does not include every item in the THM store. That is because I have found, what I believe to be, equal items on Amazon (or in my local stores) for a better deal. You can see… Continue reading Shopping List

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THM Ingredients to Buy on Amazon

First of all, I get a lot from Amazon, and I highly recommend getting a Prime membership. This is a list of THM special and non special ingredient items that I like to buy from Amazon and why.  Please Note: Prices are subject to change. The prices listed are what I purchased the item for or… Continue reading THM Ingredients to Buy on Amazon

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Recipe Reviews/ Beet Kvass Update

Sorry I haven’t posted any recipe reviews in a while. I just didn’t try any new recipes for a few days, I have been working hard on some crochet projects, and things just got away from me. Also, it’s time for me to update you on my Beet Kvass experiment. I have been trying new… Continue reading Recipe Reviews/ Beet Kvass Update

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Strawberry Kefir Shake Recipe & Recipe Reviews

September 18: Update on Hello Health Sipper: It had a bell pepper aftertaste even after brushing my teeth, and it kind of grossed me out going to bed with that flavor in my mouth. Therefore, I will not be drinking it before bed again. Breakfast: I wanted to have a nectarine. So to keep it… Continue reading Strawberry Kefir Shake Recipe & Recipe Reviews

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Peanut Brittle Recipe THM S

Are you afraid to try the new sipper? I was! I mean bell pepper in a drink! In general I don’t really care for bell peppers. Why would I want to drink one? Well, I made it this evening, and you can read all about it under Second Snack. September 17: Breakfast: This morning I… Continue reading Peanut Brittle Recipe THM S

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Day Two Recipe Review & Quick Frosting Recipe

Thursday, September 14 Breakfast: I woke up ½ hour early this morning to make the Blender Freezer Waffles S (p.336). Probably should have made them last night, hence the name, but I decided to have these for breakfast when it was already past my bedtime. I made ⅔ batch because I didn’t want to have… Continue reading Day Two Recipe Review & Quick Frosting Recipe

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Trim Healthy Table Cookbook

  Last night I pre-ordered Trim Healthy Table, Trim Healthy Mama’s new cookbook that is coming out September 12th I believe. The Deal Right now if you pre-order you will get a sneak preview of 6 recipes AND 1 month free subscription to the Trim Healthy Mama Membership site! That is awesome! Even better the… Continue reading Trim Healthy Table Cookbook

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19 weeks, food for this pregnant mama

I am 19 weeks pregnant today! I have been kinda sad about each pound I have gained this pregnancy. Just because of how long it to to get to that goal weight, but today I had a realization. I just reached my pre-FIRST-pregnancy weight! That is so awesome to me. I am almost halfway through… Continue reading 19 weeks, food for this pregnant mama

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Favorite Kitchen “Helpers”

My Favorite Kitchen “Helpers” These are some of my favorite tools in the kitchen. They make my life easier and food turn out better. Spiralizer: I use this often! It is great for zucchini noodles, carrots on my salad, thin sliced cabbage, and the list goes on. This one does take up a bit of… Continue reading Favorite Kitchen “Helpers”