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I reached my goal weight of 120 on March 18th, and I am overjoyed to be here. However, I do feel that I am not yet to the optimal shape/ size for my build. Currently I am deciding whether to start focusing on exercise to work myself into shape or try a “fuel cycle” in order to push my body back into weight loss mode. (If you didn’t understand that sentence I highly recommend that you read the Plan Book.) Anyway, I want to give a few recommendations for starting THM based on my experience.

Sweetener tip

Do not expect to love or even like stevia right away. You will most likely need to detox from sugar before you will like it at all. From my experience I could tolerate about ¼ the amount called for in the recipes after about a week on plan, and by 2 weeks I was still only using ½ what they called for. It was gradual process. Plan to focus on just eating regular food for the first couple weeks, and after that go ahead and try some MIMs (muffin in a mug).

Shopping tip

”Do your best and let God take care of the rest” This quote can cover many areas, but I want to point out that you do not have to get organic everything. You do not need the best/leanest/~~~ whatever-ist food. Yes, that stuff may be better for you, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Whether it be because of budget or lack of good resources it doesn’t matter. Give yourself grace, it’s ok.

If you don’t have time to shop around for the best prices online here is a link to a list of the best prices I’ve found on Amazon, and one for the items I choose to purchase through

Three hour tip

Remember the 3 hour rule!! 1 cheat should not derail your whole day. Hooray! Try not to poison your body with cheats as much as possible, and if you are having trouble in this area read the chapter on cheats. I LOVE what Serene says! Whenever I feel the need to cheat I think about what she wrote or even re-read it.


Meal Prep tip

Try to do some meal prep. Having dinners in the freezer ready to go is awesome, and you can do a bunch in one day to be ready to go for the week. Make ahead breakfasts, snacks, treats, and drinks! This will also help keep you from cheating. I also like to keep beef jerky (check sugar content!) or Lily’s chocolate (I prefer the milk chocolate ones) on hand for emergencies. These are much cheaper at Natural Grocers in my area so check your local health food stores. You can double/ triple/ even quadruple drink recipes (if your blender can hold that much). It’s so nice to have drinks ready to go. I like to do enough for a whole week at a time. Check out my Favorite Kitchen “Helpers”.


Trying new things tip

Baking this way is completely different. Have fun trying new recipes. If you are worried about wasting ingredients on something you may not like then check to see if there are reviews online. Sometimes there are videos on YouTube reviewing recipes or showing you how to make them successfully.


Bonus tip

If you get the MCT oil it is a bugger to pour without spilling it down the side. This syrup pump is awesome to have. Just need to snip a little off the straw and it fits perfectly.

October 2017 tips update

If you are just looking into starting this plan but you are overwhelmed by which book(s) to buy first, I would recommend buying the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook first. My reasons are that there are a few chapters in the beginning that are a quick start guide basically. Also, a large amount of the recipes do not require any special ingredients.

Once you get the general idea (or you have read this and still don’t quite get it) then purchase the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book. This book goes more in depth about the WHY of the plan, it explains the foods more, even has some meal plans, and gets down to the numbers (if your into that sort of thing). 

At this time if you want more recipes get the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. There are many wonderful recipes in this cookbook including the MIMs that I mentioned earlier in this post.

If you want even MORE then you can buy the original Trim Healthy Mama book. (I don’t have this book) My mother has this and occasionally uses recipes from here. I have heard that it is very unorganized, some what confusing, and it is pretty huge. I’m gonna say this book isn’t necessary so don’t worry about it unless you have the plan DOWN and are hungry for more information.


If at all possible get a budget going for special ingredients. I like to save up and make a big order at once from so that I only have to pay shipping once. (I probably make an order from them 2-4 times a year.) Also, definitely price check! I get a lot from Amazon, and highly recommend getting a Prime membership if you plan to do the same. Here is a list of items I usually purchase from Amazon.

For more info on special ingredients check out THM Must Haves.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you are on THM please leave a comment if you have anything to add.

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