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Recipe Reviews/ Beet Kvass Update

What I'm working onSorry I haven’t posted any recipe reviews in a while. I just didn’t try any new recipes for a few days, I have been working hard on some crochet projects, and things just got away from me. Also, it’s time for me to update you on my Beet Kvass experiment. I have been trying new recipes here and there and taking pictures to share with you though. We just tried a new one last night that was awesome. Read about it under Dinners.

Drinks & Breakfasts:

Cinnamon Bun ShakeCinnamon Bun Shake (p.469)

I made the baby size to try it. It was so good I almost forgot to take a picture! Almost immediately I regretted not making the large. I will definitely be making this again. Also it’s awesome for fall if you don’t mind the cold.

Chai SmoothieChai Chaga Shake (p.476) w/ matcha instead of changa

So I looked online for this Chaga stuff. It is hard to find and expensive when I did find it. I don’t like mushrooms anyway so I decided to skip it. However, I did buy matcha because I like tea and it is supposed to be SO good for you. Anyway, I wanted to try out the matcha, but I wanted a shake. There are no matcha shakes in this book, and I usually love chai so I came up with the idea to sub it. It ended up tasting pretty good, but I wouldn’t call it amazing. If you want a new way to drink your matcha definitely try this though.

Matcha Spice Trimmy (p.465)

Since I experimented with the chai shake, I thought I should try it in a normal way. So the next morning I made the Matcha Trimmy. Again it tasted pretty good, but not amazing. I will only make this again if I feel that I NEED to drink my matcha, and I want it hot. I will probably be trying new ways to incorporate matcha in my food and drinks in the near future. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture because is was just a green drink, not very exciting. 

Speedy Chocolate milk (p.457)

First of all it kinda bugs me that this “recipe” is in the book. I think it should be on the whey packaging not in a cookbook. Anyway, I ended up buying the chocolate whey because mine was running low so I thought I would compare taste. I have actually never tried mine in this way exactly so it’s not really an accurate comparison. I did throw some Ice in the blender too. It tasted great, and there is no picture because I drank it too fast. I think THM chocolate whey might have more cocoa powder, but I’m not sure. Price wise the kind I usually get is quite a bit cheaper per lb, and I am really happy with it’s ingredients so I will probably be getting that one again in the future.

Beautiful Beet Kvass updateBeautiful Beet Kvass (p.461) update

After sitting for a full week it was finally ready to try. For the uncapping… it made noises similar to opening up a sparkling drink. That was a good sign! You can see some of the bubbles in the picture. I expected it to taste kinda salty so trying to keep that in mind I put a tad in a cup and took a sip. EWWW, it tastes like dirt and salt. I really want to like it for the health benefits, but no.

Another note: this dyes everything purple so be careful not to spill, and keep it away from children.

Ruby Sparkler (p.458)

I had some flavored sparkling water that I would usually use for GGMS. So I decided to make a version of the Ruby Sparkler. I put 2 TBSP beet kvass in a cup of sparkling water with a doonk of stevia. This mostly covered the flavor of the beet kvass, but it was still salty and kind of too sweet. I ended up adding ACV, ginger and more sparkling water and just making GGMS. I read that Beet Kvass makes a great soup base so I am still not giving up on it…. Read more about this under Trim Train Taco Soup.

Uncle Sam'sUncle Sam’s Cereal w/ Blueberries

No, this is not a recipe in the book, but I have been enjoying it this week. I put the cereal in the bowl, sprinkle it well with gentle sweet, throw on a handful of frozen blueberries, and cover with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I love how the milk freezes on the berries. This is a really quick easy breakfast.

Lunches, Dinners & Sides:

Taco Cornbread BakeTaco Cornbread Bake (p.139)

While making this I had a meat fiasko! I planned to make a half batch to try it out like I usually do, but I had 3 lbs ground beef that I wanted to cook for the week. So keeping in mind I need 1 lb for the recipe (full calls for 2lbs) I decided to use those spices for all of my meat. They are the spices I would normally use anyway, just maybe different quantities. At this point of cooking the meat I have already put in 2 jalapenos, some garlic, an onion, and some other veggies that I wanted to sneak in (Shh). I started throwing in the spices for the recipe only I TRIPLED the amounts because I only needed 1 lb for this meal. Oops I totally forgot I was halving the recipe! So just as I’m pouring in the last spice it clicks! Oh NO I tasted a piece, and it was SOO spicy! Anyway, I ended up straining the meat and running a bit of water over it to cool it down. It was still really spicy though.

Taco Cornbread BakeSo back to the meal. It turned out ok the cornbread could have been better, and I think it should have been on top somehow so the meat wouldn’t make it soggy. It wasn’t too bad but could have been better. The meat was too spicy for my boys so I let them eat theirs on cheesy Doritos to help cool their mouths. Scott required a fried low carb tortilla to get some crunch in his meal.

I most likely will not be making this again.

Jicama FriesJicama FriesChili Cheese Fries

I found this recipe on pinterest. It looked really good. We have tried the Daikon Radish fries in the past and were not fans. So I had high hopes for these Jicama fries. Unfortunately, they turned out pretty close to the same as the radish fries did. I did kinda like them with my chili though. Scott did not! Also, I didn’t make this chili recipe, instead I made Award winning Chili Pie from the cookbook.


Award-Winning Chili Pie (p.142)

Scott does not like beans so I left them out (even though I love them). I thought this turned out awesome. It tastes just like chili just with a fork. Scott said it was kinda watery, but once he got a fried tortilla he liked it ok.

Trim Train Taco Soup


You can find this recipe on the Trim Healthy Mama website, or you can find the Italian version on p.160 of the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook.

Like I was saying before, I heard that beet kvass makes a great soup base. I tried to make a quarter batch so I could have it for a few lunches, but not tons of extras. I ended up needing 1 cup of chicken broth so I used beet kvass and 1 tsp chicken better than bullion. It calls for one more cup of water boiled later, but I thought that boiling the kvass might kill all the benefits so I just used regular water there.

Trim Train Taco Soup
my bowl with the beans and corn added

The soup tasted perfect. It was very purple, but the kvass didn’t seem to change the flavor. I added beans and corn to make it an E, and It ended up being about 3 servings. Perfect.

Chicken Bacon Rice Casserole (p.140)

Chicken Bacon Rice CasseroleI really enjoyed this meal. It was yummy chicken, bacon, ranch flavor topped with cheese who wouldn’t love that. I think Scott thought the cauli rice was onion pieces. He told me there was a bit too much onion, but he really liked it too. We will definitely be having this again.

Dreamy Chicken Lazone (p.50)

This tasted amazing, but very spicy. For the kids I had to take the chicken out of the sauce, cut it up, and I served it over regular mac ‘n’ cheese so it wouldn’t be too spicy. You can not serve Scott a meal with sauce without something to soak it up. (I don’t really understand how the sisters expect you to eat this meal.) So I made the Cheesy Flower biscuits for that purpose. When the sauce was put together enough that I could taste it, I decided to make some dreamfields noodles. Scott and I enjoyed this meal quite a bit. We did end up adding some cheese to the sauce to thicken it up a bit, but it tasted great either way.

Chicken Lazone w/ cheese biscuitsCheesy Flower Biscuits (p.248)

These could use more cheese flavor, I think. I used Mexican blend cheese maybe next time I will use something stronger. I really liked the addition of the red pepper flakes. For the most part these were really good biscuits. They even soaked up sauce ok.

Desserts & Muffins:

Super Moist Trimtastic Lemon Cake (p.392)

I don’t believe I will ever make this cake again. When it was done I forced myself to let it cool before I tried it, as I have heard these cakes are best after refrigeration. Having my first piece, I was first disappointed in the lemony-ness. It was almost too sweet and not enough tart. So I thought ok maybe adding the frosting will fix that. I put it in the fridge over night. The next morning I had a piece for breakfast. I couldn’t even finish it. The texture was just gross, spongy and too moist. I ended up putting the rest in the freezer, and I gave it to a friend who is doing THM to try. She said she liked it so I guess don’t take my word for it.

Chocolate MIM pack

I almost didn’t buy these because to me on the go means “just add water and microwave”. Scott said that it wasn’t too complicated and he would make these for himself so I bought a box. I also thought they might make great additions to goody bags for the holidays.

When I opened the box I was a bit disappointed that the directions are not on each packet. That means if I want to put them in goody bags I have to print out directions for each packet. Oh and I can’t throw out the box until every last packet is used.

So I decided to try one for breakfast. I used butter instead of oil and I forgot to add the vanilla, oops. It tasted great. I shared a bite with Scott and he liked it too. So maybe he will make these for himself? We’ll see.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think of these recipes also, please leave a comment if you have tried any of these. 
If there is a recipe you would like me to review please leave a message in the comments. Thanks

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