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Pregnancy through December

This has been a crazy December. Starting the month out at 33 weeks pregnant, I have been dealing with Gestational Diabetes and an awful doctor, working on my side business, getting ready for baby, dealing with our house flood, and Holidays.

I know the stripes on chevron is terrible, but here’s my huge belly

December 1st, 33 weeks

Picking up from my previous post, I continued to have a sausage snack before bed to keep my blood sugar numbers normal.

I had an appointment with my midwife. At this appointment I was measuring about 1 ½ weeks ahead, and I was a little bummed that I/she was growing so fast.

busy weekend


December 2nd was my last Christmas bazaar for the season, and the best. It was by far bigger than the others. My mother in law came with me, and she helped get my booth display looking awesome.

blocking the snowflakes

My grandfather passed away just before Thanksgiving so on Sunday we had his memorial. When Grandma passed a few years ago I was given some of her yarn. So for his memorial I made snowflake ornaments for each of their children. Originally, I had planned to give these to them as Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, due to the timing of all this our family Christmas party was moved to January, and I wanted them to be able to hang them on their trees this year.

Through the week

I was able to keep my numbers great through this crazy weekend, but Monday I became sick. Not only does sickness mess with your blood sugar numbers, but I was also taking naps through lunch and waking up throughout the night and snacking. Therefore accuracy became very difficult.

34 weeks

By the following monday I was feeling ok, and I was able to attend a few Christmas parties that week.

I had a midwife appointment on Wednesday. At this appointment I was measuring around 2 weeks ahead. This was very discouraging because I had an appointment with Dr. Doom the next week, and I was NOT looking forward to talking to her. Also, my midwife informed me that Dr. Doom has decided that I need to be induced at 39 weeks. I was thinking NO, and What The Heck I have not seen her in over a month and all of the sudden I need to be induced early? 

Around this time I realized that I was waking up every three hours to pee so after I had been “fasting” for at least 6 hours I started taking my blood sugars every time I woke up until I got a good number for that day. Also, I came to the conclusion that it takes about 1 hour of sleep to drop 4-5 points/numbers (whatever you want to call it). I know this is totally cheating the system… but since there is nothing else wrong with me, I wanted to make it so I was no longer a Gestational Diabetes checklist.

I wanted to get out of the box they have put me in and be treated as an individual with individual needs!

35 weeks

Monday meal prepgoodies

Finally, I had time and a little energy so I decided to make treats for when the baby comes to help me to keep eating healthy. (Yes, these are healthy) First, I made Lemon poppy seed muffins. Next blueberry oat muffins, and followed by double chocolate chip cookies and pay off day brownies without the caramel top. (All from THT) I finished up with chocolate chip cookies. (from THM cookbook). I put at least a dozen of each in the fridge and whatever was left I got to snack on for the week, Yay. I made all of this only using only my stand mixer, oven, and a bit on the stove. By the time I was done I was so sore and could barely move 🙁 

Date night

On Tuesday evening my in-laws took our boys to see Christmas lights so we had a movie date night. I was quite uncomfortable during the movie. I had planned to put my feet up, but just after the movie started a guy came in and picked the seat right in front of me (most of the row was empty). After a few minutes we decided to move over so I could be comfortable, and just then he left. So put my feet up and got in a tolerable position. About 10 minutes later I was focused on the movie and didn’t see him return. He came in quickly and slammed himself down in the seat whipping me forward and out of mine (Which really hurt). After that we moved.

This incident seemed very rude to me, but it may just be my pregnancy hormones. What do you think? Also, it seemed like he was sneaking in. He had his hood on all shady like and was practically running in each time.

Ultrasound- just about 36 weeks

Thursday we went in for the ultrasound appointment with Dr. Doom. The tech was very nice and showed us what she could. The whole time I was dreading talking to the Doctor though. After she was done she tells me Dr. Doom is out for the Holidays and Dr. — will be filling in for her. Awesome!

So he comes in and tells us Joy is measuring about 6lbs 3 oz “Which is pretty average.” Everything looks great, and she looks healthy. I was so happy to FINALLY have a positive conversation with a doctor!

December 22nd

The next morning my son wet the bed. I got him in the tub and turned on the water and went downstairs to have breakfast. In my barely awake fog I completely forgot that anyone else was awake. The top drain was not installed properly so the tub flooded our entire house! (That bathroom is in the center of our upper floor.) Ugh

Luckily Scott just got a new shop vac and was able to vacuum up most of the water, but we ended up with fans and dehumidifiers for the next week. They tore out carpet pad from just about every room upstairs (including my almost finished nursery). They also took out all of the bathroom flooring and some of the bamboo flooring downstairs. We were told they would probably have to replace the entire floor downstairs because it is just one continuous floor. On one hand it sounds nice to have all new floors, but on the other I AM ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY!


Everything went well for Christmas. We went to my sister’s house Christmas eve, and I made my chicken jalapeno popper dip. Christmas day we went to my in-laws house, and I made a 14 lb turkey. Unfortunately, the grandparents couldn’t make it due to weather, the nieces were with their mom out of state, and my husbands parents are on a new vegan diet so we have tons of turkey left. I made cream of turkey soup with some of it. Any ideas what to do with the rest?

December 28th- 2 days till 37 weeks

I had another midwife appointment. This time I only measure about 1 week ahead. (I was also 2cm dilated.) I asked if I am supposed to call or just go to the hospital when the time comes to have this baby. With my other babies the clinic registered me at the hospital. This time apparently I am supposed to do it online.

I went to the hospital’s website to register, but it told me I am not an existing patient so I cannot register. So I called the hospital and they told me I would need to stop by to register, or sign up for a hospital tour. I decided to do the tour since I have never had a baby at this hospital. I have only been a visitor. The next one is on the 5th (or the day after my due date, that won’t work). 

Happy New Year

I have made it through December, past 37 weeks, and into January. I cannot wait to have this baby now. They better let me have a water birth though.


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