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Favorite Kitchen “Helpers”

My Favorite Kitchen “Helpers”

These are some of my favorite tools in the kitchen. They make my life easier and food turn out better.

  • Spiralizer: I use this often! It is great for zucchini noodles, carrots on my salad, thin sliced cabbage, and the list goes on. This one does take up a bit of space so you may want the smaller handheld version if your kitchen space is limited. I also have the “as seen on TV” version (similar to this one) that I bought at Walmart for around $8. The downside to this one is there is a maximum diameter so you cannot use it for veggies like cabbage or enormous garden zucchini without cutting it down first. 
  • Syrup pump: I have mentioned this one before, but again this fits the MCT Oil bottle perfectly! I just had to cut the straw down a little. It helps to prevent spills, and it’s just downright handy.
  • Chop Wizard: I use this almost every time I cook. It is great for dicing veggies quickly. I also use it on apples for my overnight oats, apple crisp, or the apple mim. I have bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond with the 20% off coupon that they send out occasionally.
  • Tea: I use all sorts of tea daily. This wild berry zinger tea is wonderful for GGMS. I also love peach, raspberry, and blueberry for that purpose. This Matcha tea is tasty on it’s own I have also used it in the Matcha Trimmy. I love this Chai for Chai trimmys, and I use this one when I am pregnant (because it is decaf and licorice content). (Note: most Good Earth tea already has stevia in it so may not need to be sweetened as recipes call for. This may also change the amount of salt needed.) Of course I always have Oolong tea for my shrinkers and earth milk sip. I buy most of my tea at a local grocery store. 
  • Silicon molds: I love these heart molds for the Lemon Pucker Gummies. A mold is not necessary for this recipe but they are cute. To do a full batch you will need 4-5 molds. For treats such as skinny chocolate I use the other molds that are larger. I purchased 2 of these for the donut recipe in the book. They are way smaller than I was thinking. It makes mini donuts. So I use them for candies also.
  • Mason Jars: I use quart and half gallon jars for my drinks. They are nice because they come in the right size for the sippers, they are inexpensive, and they work for hot or cold drinks. I also purchased 8oz jars for my spices. These were much cheaper at Winco. This way I can buy spices from the bulk section at Winco to save money. I label the lids and put them in a drawer. You can also get these shaker lids which are awesome.

I get a lot from Amazon, and I highly recommend getting a Prime membership. For more Items I purchase from Amazon check out my post “THM Ingredients to Buy on Amazon”.

These are some of my favorite helpers in the kitchen. What are yours? Thanks for reading.


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