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Glucose Test / Gestational Diabetes

My midwife wanted me to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I will have been on the Trim Healthy Mama plan for two years this coming January. Since I have not had sugar for so long I really struggled with the idea of drinking a cup of sugar for a test. This test was gross enough when I was eating sugar during my other pregnancies. Also, after not having sugar for so long wouldn’t drinking a cup of it guarantee that your numbers go sky high?

I asked my midwife if I could eat/ drink something a little closer to healthy like fruit juice. She said that would not give an accurate reading. So I asked about alternate tests. Some people have said they do the finger prick readings for a few weeks and get better results. Her response was my insurance would not cover this unless I failed the regular glucose test.

(Please Note: this post is written by a very frustrated pregnant woman. There is a lot of annoyance and sarcasm in this post, please do not be offended.) 

On 10/9 I had my glucose test.

You are not supposed to eat for at least, I think, ten hours before you take the test. So mine was scheduled for 8:45 am. (I am not a morning person.) I usually eat right away in the morning or I feel awful especially when I’m pregnant. Since I was avoiding the kitchen I accidentally forgot to pack JD’s lunch too. 

For my other two this was just a one hour test with two blood draws. This time, it turns out, it was for two hours and 3 blood draws. I was so glad I brought a project to work on while I sat in the waiting room.

So I was already tired and starving and then they tell me I’m not allowed to even drink water for the 2 hours! I feel like this may be a peek at hell- “Come first thing in the morning, drink this poison, and let us steal your blood once an hour. We don’t have any reclining seats or foot rests. Oh, and you’re not allowed to leave, eat, or drink anything. Happy Monday!”

About an hour and a half in I realized I forgot JD’s lunch. I ended up calling the school and they had him buy hot lunch, but I still felt terrible about it.

Anyway, I finish the test, and got quite a bit done on this shawl by the way. I was thinking I probably passed. I felt yucky, but I wasn’t dizzy, shaky, or anything like that. So I go get in my car, eat a protein bar, and chug some water.

ShawlFast forward to Wednesday 10/11.

I get a call from the doctor’s office to review my test results. This was at a terrible time by the way. I was herding children and doing laundry, but I figured she’d say I passed and we’d move on, but Nooo…

Gestational Diabetes

She tells me I failed the test… All your numbers were high. We have put in a prescription for the finger prick blood test doodad, and it should be ready today. Once you get it I need to record your numbers four times a day – first thing in the morning, and one hour after the start of each main meal. You need to record these somewhere, and bring your log to your appointments. Your numbers should be blah blah blah

I had kinda tuned her out by this point because REALLY lady you expect me to remember random numbers, and maybe you could have given me a heads up that this call is going to last an hour and that I need a notepad? Also, she was kind of pushy and wouldn’t let me get a word in.

Back to her – You will need to take a class on Gestational Diabetes where you will meet with a dietitian to learn how you should be eating so you can avoid taking medication. They should be calling you to schedule this and that sometime between now and Monday Bla bla (Turns out this class is optional. At least until you take your numbers for a few weeks and meet with a doctor)

Then she tells me I will have to meet with a doctor who will work with my midwife to manage this situation.

Her – Have you met Dr. soandso?

Me – I don’t know who that is

Her – Dr. soandso at the suchandsuch clinic

Me – I don’t know who that is

Finally, I got some more details, and it turns out yes, I have met her once a few months ago when she went over my ultrasound results with me.

Eventually she was done throwing information at me and asks if I would like to pick up a packet with this information at their office or have it mailed to me. Sheesh I would have prefered that question at the beginning of this awful conversation!

Dinner time

Queso chicken bakeQueso chicken bakeScott was gone that evening. He hates beans, dislikes Mexican food, and doesn’t care for pieces of tomato or corn. So I made Queso Chicken Bake (p.123). I have been wanting to try it. Also, I was just mad about the whole diabetes thing so having an “E” meal was a small way to rebel I guess.

It was so delicious and totally hit the spot! (My little rebellion made me feel a bit better too.)

Thursday 10/12

I was woken from a morning nap by a phone call from the doctor’s office again. This call was to sign up for the class. This woman was very nice, not pushy like the last one.

She asked if it was a good time to talk about the class, and I said no because I was sleeping. Then she asked me if I was even interested in the class and I said not at this time… Reasons are that I do not eat sugar, and I am already on a fairly low carb diet. I told her I would like to see what my numbers are like before considering taking a class on diet. She said that was great.

Prescription Pick-up 

After my nap I had lunch, and went to pick up my prescription. When the guy pulled up my order, he tells me that the doctor’s office forgot to order the needle things. So he will have to call my doctor to get the order fixed, and I will have to come back. He told me they would text me when it was ready.

Ok, I was at Fred Meyer so I picked up some of the new Halo top flavors and a few other grocery items and headed home.

Just after I finished unloading my car, the doctor’s office calls me again. This time to schedule an ultrasound with Dr. soandso. She also asked me if I had picked up my prescription. I told her what had happened (apparently the pharmacist guy hadn’t made that call yet.) So while I was on the phone with her she had someone else calling and straightening that out.

After that call was done I needed to go grocery shopping. (I know I was just at Fred Meyer, but they are expensive.) As I was pulling into the parking lot I got a text from the pharmacy saying that my prescription is ready. So I get my groceries, go home, and unload. Then it was time to get JD from the bus stop.

Pick-up take 2

Once I got him home and settled, I headed back to Fred Meyer. This time when she pulled up my order she tells me only half of it is ready the other half will be ready in twenty minutes. So I wandered around Fred Meyer’s clearance, home, and craft sections for the next twenty minutes. I found a few rugs that I like, maybe I will get one for my office?rugrug

Finally I got my kit and went home. I made dinner quickly. It was an S, Italian meatballs (which I bought pre made), Dreamfields noodles with red sauce, and mozzarella cheese on top. An hour later I took my first blood test. It took a lot of tries to get enough blood, but I eventually figured it out.

My number was 105. I’m not sure, but I think that is good.

Do you think your chances of failing the glucose test are higher if you have been off sugar for a while? Have you had an experience like this? Should I post more about this later? Please let me know in the comments. 

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