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Gestational Diabetes Week 27-32


I took the glucose test on October 9th, and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on October 11th. My meter prescription was picked up on the 12th. Read all the details here.

The next day I received another call from the doctor’s office to ask why I didn’t want to sign up for the class AGAIN. So again I explained that I would like a few weeks of monitoring my numbers so that I could see what was going on before I had more information thrown at me. She reluctantly agreed that this was reasonable.

Week one

I wanted to test E and S meals for each time of day to see what worked best for me.

Day 1: (S, FP, S) High fasting.

Day 2: (S, E, E) All good.

Day 3: (E, S, E) Breakfast was sky high! I had egg white french toast on sourdough bread with a bit of Adam’s PB & berry jelly, 3 slices Canadian bacon, and Bai clementine drink. After that I read all my labels and realized I should have only had one slice of bread. My first meal fail.

Lunch and dinner were great numbers.

Day 4: (E, S, E) All good numbers. I had the same breakfast except only one slice of bread and a choco secret big boy for my drink.

Day 5: (S, XO, S) High dinner. I believe at this point I had not had enough “gross” carbs for the day. I learned later that my numbers come out better if I have LOTS of veggies. So a salad with my dinner would have made a big difference. It was also my birthday so I may have overeaten.

Day 6: (E, S, E) All high except lunch. I learned that oats always spike my sugars terribly, and again I should have had a salad with dinner.

Day 7: (S, XO, E) All good!

Craft FairBy the end of the week I learned: 1. if I had a shake with glucomannan in it for/with any meal my numbers would come out lower. (okra also helped) 2. I needed to cram veggies in wherever I could. 3. I could not have Es for breakfast. 4. Beans are a great carb source, but oats don’t work for me. 5. If possible prick fingers that you don’t use as much like ring or pinky. (This was important for my crochet projects)

The rest of the month

During the second week of testing four times a day I had about 6 high numbers. They were not high by much so I was feeling pretty good about that. That weekend we also celebrated my birthday so I had a high number that day (from overeating).

The next week I had an appointment with my midwife. She told me my numbers weren’t great, and I needed to try a bit harder. Apparently it doesn’t matter if your only high by one or high by 10. It had been a few weeks of monitoring so I agreed to sign up for the diabetes education class. Also, at that appointment she measured my belly and told me I was measuring just right for my due date.

I got a call the next day to schedule the class my options were Halloween or November 21st.

UHHH really you want people to go to a stupid class on Halloween?

I picked November 21st.

After that I started to get burnt out. I was still mad that this happened to me, and each time I would get a high number I would get more frustrated. We ended up going out to eat several times a week because I started to feel like it didn’t really matter what I did so I gave up on cooking a little.

Ash Ketchum and Mickey Mouse

I did not eat sugar though, I draw a line there. Over Halloween I was very good. I had a few lily’s chocolate bars to get me through.

November 1st

We went in for an ultrasound, and everything seemed to be going great. She looked wonderful to me.

Then they put us in a room to meet with “Dr. soandso” as I called her before. I will call her “Dr. Doom” from now on though. First she tells us that our baby is in the 90% for weight. (This is apparently bad)

I really don’t understand how a week earlier my stomach measured perfectly, and now she is suddenly huge. But anyway….

Then she goes on

-You probably won’t get to have a water birth.

– If she gains too much weight we will need to induce you at least a week early.

-Chance of stillbirth.

-If she’s too big she can get stuck causing her permanent shoulder damage.

-Your numbers are too high.

-You need to get on medication.

-Have you gone to diabetes education yet?

After a bit of negotiating she says she’ll give me a week to get my numbers in order (since I didn’t get to go to the class yet), and I will have to email or call in my numbers every week from now on on Wednesdays.

That week

My numbers were PERFECT, Yay! I sent them in on Wednesday like I was supposed to. I got an email back praising my efforts. (Finally something nice from a doctor) She then tells me to check my fasting numbers everyday and cycle through the other meals. For example; Monday breakfast, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday dinner, Thursday breakfast, etc…

The next week

Four of my seven fasting numbers were high. What the heck? I sent them in like I’m supposed to, and about an hour later I get a call. Dr. Doom tells me that she wants to get me on medication unless I think I can fix this problem with diet. I tell her that I want to try to figure it out. She agrees again because I haven’t gotten to take the class yet.

While talking to Dr. Doom I also told her I would rather not have so many ultrasounds. She said at this point I could move my next ultrasound out till I was 36 weeks, and if I get my numbers under control that could be the only one I need. BUT if I can’t and need to go on medication, starting around 36 weeks I will need to have a non-stress test WEEKLY which includes an ultrasound. Also, absolutely no chance of water birth if they put me on medication.

Sheesh, now I am more determined than ever to get this down. (or just have her at home)

I had another midwife appointment this week as well, and she was very encouraging. She told me I was doing a great job working on my diet to get good numbers, and she recommended exercise to help my fasting numbers. Also, she measured my belly again, and I was one week ahead. (Which she said was fine.)

The week before GD education class

I did some research online. It looks like I may have dawn phenomenon. This just means that my blood sugar drops in the middle of the night, and my liver overcompensates pumping out too much glucose.

So to fix this issue I tried… making sure my numbers were close to the top of the “acceptable range” on my last meal of the day. Having an E snack before bed. Waking up around midnight to have a snack.

All of these “fixes” did not work and just frustrated me more.

I also ordered glucomannan pills because taking a pill is easier than making a shake all the time. When they arrived I started taking one right before each meal.

The class

Trim Healthy Mama Plan bookI didn’t really expect to hear anything that I did not already know. I brought my THM plan book and THT cookbook just in case I needed it. Mostly, I was right. First we watched a 20 minute video. Then the instructor gets up and talks about portion sizes. Basically how much crap (excuse me) you can eat and get away with.

At a certain point I realized that the video and her “appropriate portion sizes” were kind of preaching that fats are bad. So I asked why. Her answer is that fat digests slower so your sugar spike from lunch may not happen until it’s time to eat dinner so then you may have double the sugar going into your bloodstream.

So I asked, for all of us that have the fasting sugar spike, “Then wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a high fat, protein snack before bed?” Her response was, “uuuhhhhhh maybe, I have no idea, you should try that and see if it works.”

I am so glad I waited to take this class because I would not have known to ask that question if I had taken it sooner.

After the class

WheyI have been having a sausage patty and whey chocolate milk before bed every night, and my fasting numbers have been good all week. Some could be lower, but as long as they are below 95 that is all that matters.

I have gained a little more than I would like this week, but maybe it will even out next week?

Funny story

JDJD kept trying to touch my testing stuff. So I decided to show him how it worked hoping that would make him not touch it anymore. I used the lance to prick my finger then I squeezed some blood out, and he lost it. He would not stop bawling. I showed him the rest and wiped away the blood to show that I was fine. He could not get over that I was bleeding. He even had a bad dream that night. Scott had to convince him that I am not dying. I guess JD is afraid of blood. oops


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Check out my next post for what happened in December.

4 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes Week 27-32

  1. Wow!! That was stressful just reading it. I can’t imagin having to walk it out! I’m praying you have your dream birth and all your numbers come out wonderfully!! I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’ve read many times that their measurements of baby in the womb are not very accurate. I was borderline GB with Destiny, but thankfully I passed the 3 hour test and they just wanted me to balance my carbs and protein each meal, but no push for meds.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and prayers! I am believing for a healthy, perfectly sized baby. This doctor must just be extra negative, “cautious”, and I am trying not to let her stress me out.

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