Gender Reveal

Baby’s leg and foot

We were able to take the boys with us to the anatomy scan to find out the gender of our baby. It was fun to share that with them especially JD. He was excited to see the skeleton lol. He has been all about skeletons since around last halloween.


There were some interesting conversations while looking at the baby. My favorite was when I asked JD “If there is no weiner, what does that make the baby?” His response was “It pees from nowhere.”

After the ultrasound I went to the dollar store and picked up some silly string for the boys. They loved being involved for this part! Here is the video.

I am so excited to announce that we will be having a baby girl in January!

JD is excited for a sister. Cubby doesn’t care what the gender is, he is not ready to give up his seat as “the baby”. He has been holding my hand whenever possible. They even had a fight about who got to hold my hand today.

Side note: Lately Cubby has been talking a lot, and I don’t understand half of what he says (maybe even less). I usually end up asking Scott to translate. I have no idea why I’m his favorite lol.

Later on, I was looking at the ultrasound pictures with JD, and on this one he told me her nose looks “durfy” (his new favorite “word”). After talking some more I realized he was talking about her hand lol. When he realized what actually was her nose he amended his statement to “cute”. Isn’t he (kinda) sweet.

Thank you for checking out our gender reveal. Check back for more updates to come.

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