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Fall craft projects/ Christmas presents

Bumpkins project Bumpkin project


I made this when Cubby was a baby. At that point in his life it was very hard to get his hands and feet flat for a hand or foot print so this was an excellent project. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will, there is an age where this is no longer cute and just kinda gross. So if you are unsure ask a friend or just skip this one and go to hand/ foot print reindeer.

I’m not sure where I got the inspiration, otherwise, I would share the link. I do remember seeing babies with pumpkins painted on their bums for fall photos though so maybe that was it? Bonus: you could do those pictures at the same time. Anyway, these make great gifts for grandparents, and they are pretty easy to do.


First, you want to have washable paint! I used crayola brand finger paints. You also want to do this in a warm room so you will have a happy baby. On that point, if at all possible you want the paint to be warm. Since your baby will be naked, try to do this right after your baby has peed and pooped to avoid that mess.

In my opinion green paint is the best option for the stem color. Actually, just in general, you may want to avoid brown paint for this project. You don’t want people thinking there is poo on your picture.

I did this in my kitchen where I could easily mop up the floor if there were any paint (or other) accidents. I put the paint on a paper plate and dipped his bum in it like a stamp. Alternatively, you could “paint” it on with a largish paint brush. Then quickly stamp the bum on the waiting construction paper. I think I had four papers laid out and I just went down the line stamping. Then I immediately took my baby to the sink, washed his bum, dried him off, and put a diaper on him.

That is a very important step. You will want to be prepared to leave your project to do this. Get your baby warm and comfy, and then you come back.

Dip your finger or thumb in green (stem) paint, and make little stems for your bumpkins. Put these somewhere to dry, and clean up or move on to craft #2.

Hands and Footprint Reindeer projectHands and Footprint Reindeer project


This is a great project for any kid that loves to paint or just get messy. Again, you want washable paint. Also, you may want your child mostly naked for this so they can get straight in the bath when they are done. Do this in a room where you can easily wipe up any messes (preferably not on carpet). You can also lay down a large trash bag for them to stand on with their messy feet.


We did the feet first. Again, I had about four sheets of construction paper lined up so he could do all of them in a row. (You will want to make extras just in case one doesn’t turn out quite right.)

I let JD pick which colors he wanted to use. I think the head was actually red, but on the blue paper it looks brownish.

So I put the color he wanted on a paper plate he dipped his foot then stamped the papers. You will want to be ready to hold the papers so they don’t stick to your child’s foot, or you can tape them to the ground if you wish.

Once they are done with that part you can put their foot in a plastic bag and tie it (loosely) around their ankle, or let them wash it off before moving on to the antlers.

Antlers were done the same way. He picked the color, I put it on a plate, and he stamped away. (I had to help JD put his hands in the right position on the paper so that they actually look like antlers.)

At this point they need to dry. So you can get your kid in the tub and washed up while they dry. Ours actually had to dry overnight so be prepared for that possibility.

When they are all dry you(r kid) can glue on the eyes and nose. JD liked this part best. I let him pick the buttons, and each picture turned out completely unique. (Some of the eyes were closer together than others. One had a tiny nose.)

Button Letter Sign project Button Letter Sign project


I made this for my mother in law several years ago for Christmas. I recommend printing a letter to use as a stencil. Since I was in a hurry, I skipped this step and it ended up taking longer.


First, I attached the plain fabric to the cardboard. Save this step for last if you are going to sew the buttons on. Then I attached the burlap to the plain fabric. My burlap was a piece of a table runner from Walmart, and I fringed the sides to make it more “rustic”. At this point you can lay it flat and draw your letter outline (using your stencil) with chalk or pencil.

I got a jar of random, all red buttons from a craft store. They were perfect for this project. If you are just gluing them on I recommend laying them all down first then picking up one at a time and gluing down. This way you can get a preview of what it will look like, and if there is anything that seems off you can switch buttons around.

Once all the buttons are glued down let it sit for a while to dry. When it’s all dry carefully put it into your frame. I bought shadow frames (a frame that allows for 3D images) to make sure the buttons would fit well under the glass.

Now you’re done enjoy your work, or move on to the next project.

No-Sew “Ugly Christmas” Cocoon Sweater project No-Sew “Ugly Christmas” Cocoon Sweater project 


I crochet this style of sweaters for my Etsy shop, and I have also seen them knitted. My pastor asked me if I had any craft ideas that “anyone could do” no knitting or crochet experience required. So I came up with this idea.

I thought this would be an easy and frugal way to make your own “ugly Christmas sweater”. You just need to buy Christmas themed fleece.


To get your fleece dimensions measure from your neck to just below wherever you want the bottom to hit. I would do just below my bottom, but I had this scrap piece that measured 28”x 37” so I used that. Then measure about from elbow to elbow, or you can just make it square off the first measurement.

Then carefully cut strips just under 1” wide and 2-3 inches deep down sides. Try to make them as uniform as possible. (If you want fringe around the whole thing you can do that too.) Fold the sides in half and starting at the edge double knot the fringe (top & bottom) together until there is about an arm hole size left. Then do the other side.

You can tie the extra fringe to each other around the edge, if you wish. Then you are done.

Thank you for reading this post. If you would like to see more projects check out my posts in the category “What I’m working on“, follow me on Instagram, or check out my Etsy shop. What are your favorite holiday diy projects?

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