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Free Market Tote Patterns Tested and Reviewed by CandyComforts

Would you like to make a market tote bag? You probably don’t have the time to try every pattern you see. You also probably do not want to get started on a pattern just to find the author made mistakes. Well, this month I have been trying different free bag patterns so that you don’t have to. Here is how they turned out.

(Note: my stitches tend to be tighter than normal so my sizes may be a bit smaller than average)

Bag Pattern 1:

First I made this Free Market Tote Crochet Pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs. Market tote made by CandyComforts

If you would like to purchase one of the bags I made you can find them in my etsy shop.

This tote is on the smaller side. Mine measure about 12″ deep x 11.5″ wide (laid flat) and strap is about 16″ (hangs about 8″) I didn’t realize this when I started the pattern because I didn’t take the time to read about it before , but I do like this size.

Market tote made by CandyComfortsI made this bag with standard medium weight acrylic yarn and it turned out great. The pattern says she likes to use cotton or acrylic. I like that you can make this bag with pretty much any yarn you wish.

Good news if you would like a big bag though. There is a pattern for a larger one! I have not tried it yet though. I would guess that you could make the same changes that I did on this one if you would like to.

So starting off she has you chain 3 then double crochet in 3rd ch from hook. This works just fine, but I personally do not prefer this method. I would probably do a magic loop or ch3-4 and sl st in first ch to make a loop to start.

When making this pattern be sure to read her NOTE: this is very important to make sure you come out with the right amount of stitches.

In round 5 she switches to working in a spiral. I didn’t want a larger gap here so I chose to join with sl st and ch4 (makes dc, ch1) to start the next round. I did this in each following round also.

At the end of the first half of the handle it says to weave in ends. I left a long tail here to stitch the handle sides together.Market tote made by CandyComforts

I believe those are the only changes I made. This is a great sturdy bag. It would even be awesome for a trick or treating candy bag for the kids. This was the quickest and most simple pattern to follow that I tried. I even liked it enough to make 2 more. If you’re looking for quick and easy this is the bag for you.

Bag Pattern 2:

The second pattern I tried is Vintage Market Tote Crochet Pattern from The Lavender Chair.

Market tote made by CandyComfortsThis pattern intrigued me because it is made with Bernat Maker Home Dec. This yarn is…. different. I bought some of it when it was on sale a few months ago thinking I would make a blanket, but after playing with it a little I decided I didn’t like it for that purpose. So I had a few balls of this in my stash still that I wanted to use up. This bag was a great option.

This bag is a bit different than most as it has an oblong bottom instead of round. Also the straps are not long like most market totes. It’s not made for you to wear over your shoulder. I think it looks more like a purse than a market bag. If you wanted to line it it would make a nice purse.

Anyway to the pattern. For the bottom I used a stitch marker to mark my first stitch so I wouldn’t get lost in the first few rounds.

I did not find any mistakes in this pattern. Except my handles did not line up right. (I am not going to blame the pattern though because I changed the top portion.) So I had to find the center and count to figure out where they should go. I used stitch markers for this also.

I followed the pattern as written through round 23. She does sc for rounds 24-27. I wanted to make this go a little faster so instead of the 4 rounds of sc I did 2 rounds of DC.

Then I started round 28 as written with sc. This is the round you add handles, and my numbers didn’t come out right so I had to figure out where they go here. I believe I did ch 1, sc in 7 dc then ch 30. Skip 13 dc and continue pretty much as written for this row. If this doesn’t turn out right you may have to recalculate your own numbers.

For round 29 I did DC around again instead of SC. Sl st in beginning ch3, fastened off and weaved in ends.

I completed this bag in one day. I really like that I didn’t have to stitch the handles together for this pattern. The only problem I have with this bag is the bottom. I feel like it needs a board or something to keep it flat and sturdy. Otherwise I think it is a beautiful bag. If i was into lining things I would definitely line it to use as a purse. Also, from my experience so far the first bag actually can hold more than this one.

Bag Pattern 3:

Pattern number three was Pinapple crochet market tote chart translation from Ambrosia’s Creations. I used Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn for this bag. This pattern is translated from a crochet chart made by someone else. Unfortunately, the link she provides to the original chart just took me to a comment page. I haven’t been able to find the original chart which may have come in handy as this pattern has some mistakes.

Market tote made by CandyComfortsThe first of which may just be me, but the bottom of my bag turned out wavy. This might flatten out with blocking? Also when the bag is loaded up I think it will not matter.

But.. If I make this bag again I think I am going to Start with a magic circle – ch 2 – 8 dc – join with sl st to first dc then do round 2 (this would end with 16 dc) and repeat round 2 again. (Pretty much just add an extra round in the beginning.) I think this would even things out to get rid of the wave and also make the center hole smaller.

Some people reported having issues with round 5. I couldn’t find an error there if you do let me know.

The first real problem I found was in round 12: sl st to ch 1 sp – ch 3 (dc- ch 2- 2 dc- ch 2- 2 dc) in same sp * ch 2 – sc in ch 3 sp (ch 3- sc in next ch sp) 4 times- ch 2 (2 dc- ch 2- 2 dc- ch 2– 2 dc) in ch 1 sp* around- join. The bold is my correction.

I was annoyed when I got to round 20 to find “repeat row 19 to desired height”. What? I made it this far and you’re not gonna tell me what you did to make the one in the picture? Sheesh! So I will tell you what I did Row 20- 31: repeat row 19.

I made the handles as written (I thought). I made the first half then the second half and joined with the joining row. Then the pattern tells you to make another strap. UHHH where? Do they want the straps to cross each other? If I hadn’t have joined the two halves, I could have made two more and made it work. Since I did though I decided it would just have one handle and called it good.

The last instruction is to sc around the top and straps. Since I only had one strap I decided to DC to make the strap more substantial.

This bag turned out pretty well. I don’t think it’s as pretty as I had hoped. The ‘pineapples’ don’t stand out as much as I thought they would. This bag is pretty large though and would hold a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Before you go check out this baby blanket pattern. If you try any of these patterns let me know how yours turns out. Also, if you find a pattern you would like me to try first send me a link. 

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