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19 weeks, food for this pregnant mama

Oh, Baby 19 weeks

I am 19 weeks pregnant today! I have been kinda sad about each pound I have gained this pregnancy. Just because of how long it to to get to that goal weight, but today I had a realization. I just reached my pre-FIRST-pregnancy weight! That is so awesome to me. I am almost halfway through this pregnancy and I have only gained 5 lbs. Around a pound per week for the last few. With my first I started at this weight and I was up about 20 lbs by by 20 weeks!

I’m not gonna say I have been on plan 100% or even give a % because how accurate is that really? This plan is pretty flexible what may be off plan or a “cheat” to one person is a XO to another. So anyway I have been trying to be good as much as possible. Avoiding added sugar especially because I don’t want to have to detox from that ever again! I have probably been eating 1-2 XO per day, but I haven’t been keeping score. Also, I haven’t been watching the time. When I’m hungry, I eat which is probably every 2-3 hours sometimes just 1 though. Sometimes I just have snacks like a cookie or strawberries covered in whipped cream when I should most likely be eating an actual meal. Anyway I think I’m doing pretty well and that’s what matters right?

Some foods I have been loving this pregnancy are:19 weeks, food for this pregnant mama

  • Spicy food! How strange, I always had a hard time with spice durring my other pregnancies
  • E – Ranch flavored tuna (from the pouch) mixed with pepper jack laughing cow cheese with dill pickle slices on sprouted bread
  • Nectarines! Strawberries and blueberries
  • S – Chocolate chip cookies these are easy and delicious 
  • Carb smart ice cream bars
  • S – My peanut brittle. I will have to share this recipe soon.
  • S – I have been craving my mom’s cream cheese pie. Unfortunately I have been too lazy to make it.
  • S – Eggs (scrambled) they have been my go-to most of this pregnancy. I usually have 2 whole eggs and add egg whites from the carton to add bulk. Throw in some butter and/or cream and sprinkle with pepper. I enjoy added bacon crumbles or sausage pieces in them. I love egg and cheese sandwiches (XO) sometimes with sausage also.
  • Vitamin water Zero (especially dragon fruit and lemonade)
  • True lemon lemonade also (I think I may be craving sour?)
  • E – French toast with egg whites. I’ve been making this with just 000 yogurt and egg whites. This is my short cut version. It uses less ingredients, you don’t have to sweeten it, it has extra protein, added flavoring is a bonus, and it tastes great. (made with sourdough bread) with berry compote or jelly (and peanut butter XO) This is the most amazing pbj sandwich ever!
  • S – Sriracha almonds mixed with salted cashews I keep a can of this mix in my car for hangry emergencies.
  • S – Peppered beef jerky is also in my hangry emergency car stash.
  • S – Kentucky Butter Cake with fresh berries and whipped cream!

I made this cake a few weeks ago for my son’s birthday party. It is so delicious. I haven’t been able to get it out of my pan successfully yet but the taste makes up for the mess. I just put Rubble on top to make it look messed up on purpose. (Cubby is really into paw patrol right now.)

So cake time comes and like 5 people actually want a piece so I was thinking we’d have lots of leftovers. Nope. A few people take a bite and rave about how good it is then I tell them it is sugar free, and I think everyone ended up trying it. One of the dads even asked me for the recipe!

We served this with cut up strawberries and blueberries (for those who wanted berries) and whipped cream on top. This cake does not need frosting, and I think it would be too crumbly to frost anyway.

What are/were your favorite pregnancy foods? Do you think they show signs of gender? Check back soon for gender reveal!

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