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THM – Journey to start

I Started Trim Healthy Mama January 1st 2016. This is my Journey.


I am small framed and only about 5′3″. Most people have no idea that I have ever struggled with my weight. Most of my life I have been “skinny”.



To get the whole story we need to probably start in 2008, the year I was married. I was 19, and I weighed about 115. That fall I started taking a birth control pill. I do not recommend it! I threw up every morning at 4 am and gained 30 lbs total YIKES! 15 months later, after having some other worse side effects, I decided to dump the pill.


At that point people thought that I was pregnant (and would argue with me about it!!!) I decided I needed to do something.

My MIL was on the HCG bandwagon so why not start there. My husband and I did HCG together, and we did it perfectly. I lost about 15 lbs and he lost .. a lot. After taking the steps back to normal eating however we noticed the weight loss was not maintainable, and our hair was falling out by the handful. (My hair is very thick so it wasn’t as much an issue for me as it was for him.)


In 2011 I got a fitness app and started counting calories until I was finally down to 120. WOHOO! It was a lot of work. My food would get cold by the time I was done logging each item on my plate. I was constantly hungry, and if I skipped logging for a day or even a meal my weight would creep up. UGH what a headache.

fall 2013
I found out I was pregnant this weekend

That fall I was pregnant with our first son. I quit counting calories since you’re not supposed to diet while pregnant, and I used “pregnancy cravings” as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. Early on in my pregnancy my midwife kept telling me I had not gained enough weight. (She did not count anything I had gained before 8 weeks) So my husband wanted to make sure I ate enough too. It was our first baby we had no idea what we were doing. So by my 3rd trimester the midwife was telling us that I was gaining too much weight. Too late UGH! I ended up gaining 55 lbs and a stomach covered in stretch marks 🙁

about 7 months pregnant with first


Post pregnancy 20 lbs fell off pretty fast, but that is where it stopped. About 6 months later I was fed up. I went back to counting calories. I managed to get down to 130 lbs by the time I became pregnant with our second son. (They are 27 months apart)


That pregnancy I counted calories the whole time. I know you’re not supposed to do that, but I could not gain that much again. I took my regular “healthy” recommended intake and allowed about 300 extra calories per day. He was born at the end of summer 2014. This time I only gained 32 lbs (would have just been 30 if he wasn’t late. lol), and he was over a pound heavier than his brother was.

Cubby Birth
Just after the birth of second son

2014 – 2015

Post pregnancy, again, I was on and off counting calories. I hated it but also hated the shape I was. I got down to 124 lbs for a few days summer 2015, but by Christmas I was up around 130 again.

My mother had been doing Trim Healthy Mama for at least a year, and that Christmas she gave me the THM Cookbook. A few days later I decided I would start the plan, January 1st.


January 1 2016

Read about my first month here. Why did/will you start? Let me know in the comments!

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